How often do you consider proposals?

The Foundations Board meets twice yearly in October and May. Please see deadlines for grant proposals. An organization may only apply once during a calendar year.

What are the deadlines for grant proposals?

The Foundation deadlines for grant proposals are April 1st and October 1st of each year.

What is the Grant Application Process?

Spring Grant Cycle: You begin the grant application process by completing a Letter of Inquiry(LOI) which is due on or before February 15. You will be notified on or before March 1st if you have been selected to proceed to the second phase of the grant process. Grant requests are due April 1st.

Fall Grant Cycle: You begin the grant application process by completing a Letter of Inquiry(LOI) which is due on or before July 15. You will hear on or before September 1st if you have been selected to proceed to the second phase of the grant process. Grant requests are due October 1st.

Before I submit a proposal, can you tell me if the Foundation is interested or would consider the type of grant I am looking for?

We can give you a better response after seeing your Letter of Inquiry(LOI). As long as the proposal reflects the interests of the Foundation as outlined in the Grant Guidelines, we would like a chance to review it.

Do you require a Letter of Intent (LOI) before submitting a proposal?

Yes. A Letter of Inquiry (LOI) is required for the grant application process.

Can you send me an application?

The application is an electronic application form only. You can apply online on our application page.

Do you accept mailed grant proposals or only the electronic grant application?

The Foundation only receives grant proposals through our on-line grant process. To apply, click here.

How do I get a copy of the Grant Guidelines?

Grant Guidelines are available on our website.

Can we meet with someone to discuss a possible proposal?

It is not necessary to have a face-to-face meeting before you submit a grant application. We find that it is usually a better use of your time and ours to schedule a meeting after we have received the application and our staff has become familiar with the proposed project. However, we are available by phone or email to discuss your projects, and may schedule pre-grant interviews as time allows.

Do you fund general operating expenses?

Generally, we do not fund the annual budget of established organizations. Rather than being a source of funds to maintain the current level of services, we prefer to help organizations reach more people through new programs or expansion of existing services. However, under certain circumstances we will support the start-up of new organizations or efforts to strengthen the organizational capacity of existing ones.

Do you give grants to individuals?

No. Under the terms of its charter, The Esping Family Foundation can distribute grants only to qualified public entities or 501(C)(3) charities.

Do you give grants to organizations outside of Dallas?

In general, we do not fund grants outside of Dallas County. (see map of Dallas County)

When and how will I know if my proposal has been accepted or rejected?

All applicants receive communication electronically regarding the disposition of their proposal. Proposals are usually processed within 4 to 6 months.

We recently submitted a proposal and were declined. May we re-submit?

Yes. However, our policy limits grant requests from eligible organizations to one within each twelve-month period.

My grant was turned down. Can you tell me why?

Competition for grant funds is intense and there are a number of factors that determine if a request is declined. Most frequently it is because we are unable to fund every request that we receive. The Grant Review Committee looks for programs and projects that best meet the areas of interest outlined in the grant guidelines. We encourage those whose requests are declined to come back to us at a future time with another proposal.

Do you prefer to fund program or capital?

We prefer that you determine your highest priority. At any given time, more than 98 percent of our grants are programs and 2 percent are for capital support.

Can you help us with writing the grant proposal?

While the Foundation does not provide a grant-writing service, we encourage applicants to follow our guidelines in preparing a proposal and to call if they have a question. We also refer callers to Faith & Philanthropy Institute and other centers who provide technical assistance.

I’m a new organization and don’t have all the information requested in the guidelines. Can I still apply?

Yes. Send the most current information you have. Once your proposal is reviewed, a member of our staff will call you if additional information is required.

Should we wait to hear from you before applying to others?

No. It is a good idea to submit applications to multiple sources of funding, as doing so will improve your chances of success.

Will the Esping Family Foundation consider loans?


Do you need multiple copies of our proposal?

No. Only one copy submitted online is necessary.

Are there areas in which you don’t make grants?

Yes. In general the Foundation does not make grants to construct churches or seminaries; to underwrite fundraising events, professional conferences, symposia, scholarships for individuals, out-of-state performances or competition expenses; or toward general sustentation drives.

Should we include letters of support?

Generally, they are not necessary. If they are needed, the staff person reviewing your proposal will ask for them.

Will you do a site visit and should we invite your Board members for a visit?

The staff determines the need for a site visit.

Does the Esping Family Foundation grant money to commercial businesses?

No, the Foundation does not fund for-profit, organizations.

Do you fund scholarships?

No. However, you may wish to research the following web-sites:

The Esping Family Foundation accepts all grant proposals in electronic format via our online application.